Paul Yeboah
Paul Yeboah other details
  • Sport:
  • Commitment:
    Free agent
  • Highest level of competition:
    European tournaments - Gothia, Dana & Norway cup RTD Academy
  • Who do you Play/Coach for?:
  • Position/event:
    University games 2nd place
  • Education:
    High School
  • Height:
  • Weight:
  • Phone:
  • Awards & honors:
    Silver medalist, best defender in happyman bitters intercommunity tournament 2017
  • Placement test/exams:
  • Athletic Stats:
    Pood passer, comfortable with both feet, speed, player marking, coaching on the field, timed tackling and shielding & high I.Q.
  • Academics:
  • Link to transcripts:
  • About Me:
    A self disciplined and committed player who wants to achieve the dream of playing club football pofessionally and one day representing Ghana on the international stage. I am persistent, determined and have the ability o cope with the stress of any competition. I have a burning passion and love for football and also enriching myself academically to fit well in the society
  • My Interests:
    Playing soccer, art, traveling and movies.
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