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ASAL supports the sustainable development goals. The Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. They address the global challenges we face, including those related to poverty, inequality, climate, environmental degradation, prosperity, and peace and justice. There are 17 global goals. ASAL supports the global goals #4 Quality education & #5 Gender equality through sports, education & scholarships. By 2021, ASAL Amadou Doumbia scholarship will have donated services to gain student-athletes over $3,200,000 in Scholarships..


Amadou Doumbia scholarship (AKA Sir Focus scholarship) is a memorial scholarship dedicated to an ASAL and KFP employee who was murdered in 2016. Amadou Doumbia believed in helping others through kindness and compassion whether it was through sports, education, donations or volunteering. In his memory, ASAL continues to make an impact in student-athletes lives from all over the world regardless of the social economic, cultural, religious or sexual orientation.

There are two types of Amadou Doumbia Scholarships
A Merit-Based Scholarship for students
An Athletic Scholarship for student-athletes

Requirements for Applicants
• Have a true financial need. Applicants will need to prove their need base according to: First world nation citizen – annually taxes, Third world nations – Interview at home and with teachers/references
• G.P.A. higher than 3.3 (Certified transcripts)
• Community services and support of sustainable global goals
• Submission of your C.V. or Resume
• Submission of an application essay & video stating how you plan to impact the world in a positive way



ASAL, Kits For Peace, The soccer factory and No stress midwest trainings “Keep the peace” campaign is focused on donating equipment, services, coaching, education and scholarships to underprivileged kids globally. Our comprehensive strategy aims to have an impact on youth development, drop out rates, lack of resources & gender equality globally through individuals, sports organizations, primary schools, high schools & Universities.



You can donate: Sponsorship, partnerships, pay to ship a free item to a kid who needs it, donate sports equipment, books & or money!!
Donations of funds: The money you donate will be used for: Scholarships, donations, shipment of donations & to facilitate the ongoing campaign.


Whether you are an individual or company you can support our mission and vision through assisting us fundraise and hold donation drives.


You can volunteer or intern in one of our locations in South America, South Africa or Ghana. This is an awesome way to gain a first hand experience and have an impact on individuals, organizations and simply help others.
How to donate, fundraise or volunteer.


To donate by mail please see address below. For more information on donating or finding out how you can fundraise or create a donation drive please email:


We believe that partnerships break barriers and open up opportunities for individuals and business. We are proud of all our partners who choose to support the sustainable global goals and individual student-athletes dream.

The Soccer Factory

United Nations
Global Goals

Kits for peace

Sports thread

Klepp IL

Fortuna Hjorring

Ghana University
Sports association

KCK soccer league

The Soccer Factory

United Nations Sustainable Global Goals

Kits for peace

Sports thread

Klepp IL

Interested in becoming a partner?

We welcome partnerships from any organization and or club globally which wants to help us have an impact on the sustainable global goals and the world.


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