Video Editing & Player Profile

Video Service

Highlight and full game videos are an essential part in the recruiting process. Your footage and player profile are an essential part of making a good first impression with coaches. A player profile with video has 10 times as much communication and interest from University coaches compared to a profile without video. A good profile with in depth video further increases scholarship offers and scholarship amount. ASAL specializes in highlight and full games video. Check out our packages below.


3 Games

7-14 days processing time

Extended Editing

6 Games

14-20 days processing time


1 Game (Team License)

7-14 days processing time

Extended Record

5 games

21-28 days processing time


Video and Player Profile Pointers

Full Game Videos

Full game videos focus on capturing the whole game. This footage should focus on the game play and not just an individual player. When coaches are evaluating full game videos they are often looking to answer the following questions: 

  1. Are the players in the game approximately your age or are the younger/older?
  2. Is 75% of the players on the field performing at your level? 
  3. What is the quality of the officials and the game field you are playing on? Is it professionally lined/painted, do goals or baskets have proper nets, is the referee dressed appropriately, are teams dressed appropriately.

Highlight Videos

Highlight films are important because they save coaches time while allowing them to narrow down prospective recruits efficiently. Highlight films are like resumes, they should only include your best attributes as an athlete. Attributes of a good highlight film are:

  1. Put the exciting stuff first. Example – Soccer : goals, assisting/attacking, passing, defending. Coaches will stop watching a highlight film if it doesn’t capture their attention in the first 30 seconds. 
  2. There are two types of highlight films – in game footage and technical. Your film choice should be based on your sport. 
  3. Freeze frame and identify the player within each clip. Keep the freeze frame to 1-2 seconds max. 
  4. Get right into the action. There shouldn’t be more than 2-3 seconds footage before you are identified in a clip.. Remember the focus is you and not your teammates. 
  5. Highlights should be between 3 – 12 minutes long. Multiple highlights are better than a long highlight film.
  6. No replays. Coaches can rewind a clip if they need to see it again.  
  7. Title page of your highlight should have your full name, date of birth, position, height and weight. 
  8. Ending page of your highlight should have your contact information (Email/Cell).

Player Profiles

Player profiles are important because they engage coaches and relay vital information in an efficient manner. Player profiles combined with edited personal highlights, full game videos and ASAL marketing services increase a player’s chances of finding a University or a professional team. Through our partnerships with Sports Thread we are able to provide all prospective clients with a free player profile.